A Newfoundland Come Home Song (A R Scammell)

We've spanned the Great Island,
we've bridged the wide streams,
Building the new Newfoundland of our dreams;
We welcome our kinfolk, and all those who roam,
Back to the firesides, the warm hearths of home.

Then come in your thousands
our first Come Home Year,
Give us your blessing and join us in cheer;
Though letters and phone calls we always enjoy,
You in the flesh is what we want, me boy!

So bring all the family and park them on us,
Junior and Senior, we don't mind the fuss;
Leave all cares behind wherever you are,
Start the cruise homeward, our doors are ajar.

You don't have to linger if boats are stormbound,
Don't have to wait till the steamer calls 'round;
There's rivers to fish in with dry or wet fly,
Guides to instruct those who Seldom-Come-By.

Discover once more in the land of your birth,
Sweet simple pleasures and sources of mirth;
There'll be lots of weddings, there's one at Renews -
Jig a few codfish and cook your own brewis!

We'll sing the old songs,
there's some new ones just out,
Try out your tonsils and make a glad shout;
Nobody may ask you, so just Come-By-Chance,
Join the soiree at the Keliigrew's dance.

Our time spent together will ebb like the tide,
Distance may part us but never divide;
We want you to know we are proud that you came -
Some things have changed
but the folks are the same.

####.... Arthur R Scammell © BMI Canada, Ltd, 1966 ....####
Published in Art Scammell's book, My Newfoundland, pp.114-115 (Harvest House, Montreal, QC, 1966).

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Brewis - sea-biscuit or 'hard tack' soaked in water and then boiled; such a dish cooked with salt cod and fat pork.


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