The Newfoundland Express (Pvt Albert Gaudet)

Come, fellows, gather 'round me,
Come listen hand-in-hand,
I'll tell you a place called Windsor,
Way down in Newfoundland;
The girls that come from Cornerbrook
Are just like all the rest,
They came in here last evening
On the Newfoundland Express.

She came tearing through Newfoundland,
Through Cornerbrook she roared,
She'd nearly break the fireman's back,
Shovelin' on the coal;
So, if you're going to travel,
In your working clothes be dressed,
For you'd surely ruin a good suit,
On the Newfoundland Express.

Now, we pulled into Gander
Here the other day,
As we pulled into the siding,
I heard a brakeman say,
"You'd better lay down now, boys,
And try and get some rest,
For we got to keep the tracks clear,
For the Newfoundland Express."

We left St John's on Monday,
The day was awful cold,
The fireman and the engineer
Were drunk, so I was told;
The conductor said, "If you're anxious
We'll answer your request,
We'll get you in sometime next week
On the Newfoundland Express."

See that lonely soldier
With his bayonet by his side?
He's going back to Canada
To claim his blushing bride;
He's fought in many a battle,
And they claim that he's the best,
But he takes his life in his own hand
On the Newfoundland Express.

There are hoboes in Newfoundland,
I just met one today,
He said that he was anxious
To be getting on his way;
He said that all that was keeping him
Was he needed sleep and rest,
But he'd take no chances sleeping
On the Newfoundland Express.

One of our tired soldiers said,
To heaven he must go,
So he tied himself to the railroad track
When he heard the whistle blow;
He must have lain there a long, long time,
Because he starved to death,
Waiting there on the railroad track
For the Newfoundland Express.

####.... Author unknown. Parody of The Wabash Cannonball sung with guitar by Pvt Albert Gaudet of the Canadian Army, and recorded in Halifax, NS, 10 August, 1943 (WWII Collections In The Archive Of Folk Culture, The American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, 1995) ....####


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