Goodbye Old Friend, Goodbye (Buddy Wasisname)

This, my first tribute for I've loved you so long,
My heart is weak, yet my voice is strong;
I've filled you with laughter, I've filled you with song,
But today I feel there's something,
something so very wrong.

You see, I left not saying a word or a final goodbye,
The choice was mine, and I pondered why;
I tried to find fault in your turned-up floor,
Complained too much about your old porch door.

And yet, it's fitting to want to say,
You've been my best friend since I moved away;
I've shared our tales, songs, and the like,
With folks who saw me in a worried sight.

I spoke to friends who know you well,
Who danced in your rooms where most did dwell;
I spoke to loved ones now passed away,
Who know of the spot where you once lay.

But now that I've returned you are no more,
There's only a memory,
vision from the old truck door;
You poor, tired, heart-broken old thing,
What I would give to have you back once again.

How cold, still and lonely, how weary it seems,
Knowing you're not there, but only in dreams;
But can you recall the lad who had to go,
Who has come back to comfort you so?

Do you remember when you were empty and black,
The shutters over your windows,
and the door at the back,
The nailing of the gate, and the fixing of the wire,
A final gaze upon your rooftop,
and the lock upon your door?

How did you feel when I drove away
On that cold, cold November day?
Did your rafters, walls, floors squeak?
Were you waiting for me to return
so you could speak?

Goodbye, dear friend, I've loved you so long.
My rafters, walls, floors are not that strong;
You filled me with laughter, you filled me with song,
God bless you, old friend, so long.

####.... Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers ....####

Recorded by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers (Salt Beef Junkie, trk#13, 1995, Third Wave Productions, Gander, NL).

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