Keeping Myself Company (The Cormiers)

Looking out across the deep blue sea,
There's nothing left like there use to be,
But I still cherish the land;
I live on the land my father gave to me
And all my brothers that came before me,
They knew it was time to leave;
So here I am living in the old house,
Keeping myself company.

Back in the days when we were young,
We worked hard but we sure had fun;
There's nothing better then music and friends,
And we sure hoped it would never end.

The other day the phone rang,
it was an old friend of mine,
Let's get together to pass some time.
It's good to see you.
You sure are doing well.
But things around here
Have been an uphill climb,
And there in the corner sits my old guitar,
Covered in dust and going no where,
But I still hear the music playing.
It sure is good to have you here.

####.... Gordon Cormier and Brent Kendall. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

(Recorded by The Cormiers, 2005)

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