Last Kiss (The Cormiers)

I remember it was Christmas eve,
Snow all aglow upon the ground,
But the sickness I didn't know
In my Daddy that was found;
I can remember him lying there,
In a bed with bars on each side.
Watching him sleeping peacefully;
So why did Mommy cry?
I was only the age of five,
How was I to understand,
When he looked at me, smiled at me,
As he held my hand?

My dear little girl,
I'm sure you'll make me proud,
Give Mommy lots of company,
Let no one put you down;
Live every day like it's your last,
And promise me you'll do this:
Be kind to others, love each other.
Let me give you my last kiss.

Our lives always go so fast,
So much confusion in my mind,
For a young girl I had no idea,
Why can't our lives rewind;
If I could see him one more time,
And go back to that very day,
I'd tell him how much he means to me,
I'd say I love you in every way;
If he could look at me once more,
And smile in his certain way,
And whisper softly in my ear,
I know I'd hear him say:

There's a gift that's wrapped with love and care,
Placed under the Christmas tree;
But the best gift I can ever give is a kiss,
The last kiss from me.

####.... Mallory Johnson of The Cormiers. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

(Recorded by The Cormiers, 2005)

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