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A winding river winds its way
up to an Irish home,
Where he mingles there courageously
where a patch of green wood grows;
'Twas in a spot close to my heart
where the river gently flows,
That I bade farewell to my own sweet girl,
my lovely Irish Rose.

Old Donegal, the pride of all,
I never shall forget,
In cabins there beyond compare,
I think I see them yet;
I'd rather stray by the old mill way,
where the path's so green it grows,
On summer's nights when my heart's been light
from my lovely Irish Rose.

Oh, Mary dear, I miss you here,
I'm lonesome for a while,
I miss your loving words of cheer
and I miss your Irish smile;
Before I fall to sleep at night,
before my eyes I close,
I pray that stars may guide you right,
my lovely Irish Rose.
I pray that stars may guide you right,
my lovely Irish Rose.

####.... Fred Kearney, Irish poet and songwriter, published as #51 in The Flower Of Dunaff Hill And More Traditional Songs Sung In Inishowen by Jimmy McBride, 1988 ....####
This variant was arranged and recorded by Harry Hibbs (More Harry Hibbs, trk#9, 1968, Arc Sound Ltd, Toronto, ON); and (Somewhere At Sea, trk#12, 1971, Arc Sound Ltd, Toronto, ON); and (Pure Gold, trk#6, 1980, Tapestry Records and Tapes, Toronto, ON); and (More At The Caribou Club, remastered Audio CD AGEK-2356, released in 2005 by Unidisc Music, Inc).

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A variant was also recorded by Eddie Coffey (Live At The Newfoundlander, trk#8, 1978, Country Records, Milliken, ON).

A variant was collected in 1955 by Helen Creighton [1899-1989] from Frederick Ernest (Fred) Redden [1912-1991] of Middle Musquodoboit, NS, and his daughter, Mrs Brian Bower (Finvola "Finn" Mhairi Redden) [1940-2014] of Shelburne, NS.


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