Hey, Buddy (Neal O'Leary)

I said, "Hey, Buddy,
I don't even know your name.
I think Buddy's nice.
Do you think the same?
Hang around our island,
You will feel you reached fame.
The folks will greet you saying,
'Buddy is your name.' "

When in Western Bay,
Oh, you may hear
An old skipper say,
"How's she gettin' on, me dear."
Don't be confused or think it's queer.
Nod your head, smile,
And say, "Hey, Buddy."

I'll tell you a place
I think you should go,
Down to Redhead Cove,
And visit Uncle Joe.
A dialect to hear, few words you will know.
Nod your head, smile,
And say, "Hey, Buddy."

So when you're back home,
And a stranger flies by,
Stop him, nod your head, and wink your eye.
Call him your buddy and prepare to run.
It's been our way for years.

####.... Neal O'Leary of Western Bay, NL ....####

Recorded by Neal O'Leary (While I Was Gone, 2004).

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