Don't Put Me Off At Buffalo Any More
(MacEdward Leach)

To see the Pan American, I went to Buffalo,
To see the great exhibition
that the nations had to show,
In Buffalo, in Buffalo.
The curiosities I saw
they really made me smile,
I'd see more sights on a Sunday night
on the beach at Coney Isle,
In summertime, for a half a dime.

Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more,
I'd sooner visit some ol' department store;
Most every sight that met my gaze,
Were things that have seen better days,
Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more.

I went into a restaurant,
picked up a bill of fare,
They charged me just eleven cents
for sitting on a chair,
I pulled my hair, how I did swear.
The soft-boiled I ordered
they charged me for the shell,
I also had to pay the man
because he rang the bell,
Sure I did yell, as loud as hell.

Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more,
I paid my bill and started for the door,
Sayin', here's a five and I won't be mean,
Don't you see I just stepped on a bean,
Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more.

The hotel where I stopped
all the rooms were occupied,
I slept upon a billiard table
two men on each side,
I got full of chalk, I now can't walk.
When I went to settle up my bill
the landlord, I declare,
He charged me 50 cents an hour
just for sleeping there,
I took the chew an' I quickly flew.

Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more,
I'd sooner go to sleep in a church and snore,
I fell into fits and added,
Children had to pay those Buffalo bills,
Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more.

A friend of mine he said to me
when Gabriel blows his horn,
He'll wake some Buffalo skinners up
as sure as ye are born,
On judgement day then I did say:

Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more,
I'm wiser now, yes, wiser than before,
Jesse James is an angel, I declare,
To the man who keeps hotel up there,
Don t you put me off at Buffalo any more,

####.... Variant of a Broadway comic song written by William Jerome [1865-1932] with music by Jean Schwartz [1878-1956] published by Shapiro, Bernstein and Von Tilzer ©1901 ....####

This variant collected in 1951 from an unknown singer in Trepassey, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).

Notes: The Pan-American Exposition, a world's fair celebrating the industrial progress and achievement of the Americas, had attracted visitors to Buffalo, New York, from May 1 to November 2, 1901. The fair featured the latest technologies, including electricity, and attracted nearly eight million people. On September 6, US President William McKinley was shot by an anarchist outside the Exposition's Temple of Music. He died eight days later at the Buffalo home of John Milburn. Theodore Roosevelt was then inaugurated president at the Wilcox House on September 14, 1901.


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