Mary From Dungloe (Little John Cameron)
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Oh, then fare ye well, sweet Donegal,
the Rosses and Gweedore,
I'm crossing the main ocean,
where the foaming billows roar;
It breaks my heart from you to part,
where I spent many happy days,
Farewell to kind relations
for I'm bound for Amerikay.

Oh my love is tall and handsome
and her age is scarce eighteen,
She far exceeds all other fair maids
when she trips o'er the green;
Her lovely neck and shoulders
are fairer than the snow,
Till the day I die I'll ne'er deny
my Mary from Dungloe.

If I was at home in sweet Dungloe,
a letter I would write,
Kind thoughts would fill my bosom
for Mary, my delight;
'Tis in her father's garden
the fairest violets grow,
And 'twas there I came to court
the maid, my Mary from Dungloe.

Ah, then Mary, you're my heart's delight,
my pride, and only care,
It was your cruel father
would not let me stay there;
But absence makes the heart grow fond
and when I'm o'er the main,
May the Lord protect my darling girl
till I return again.

And I wished I was in sweet Dungloe
and seated on the grass,
And by my side a bottle of wine
and on my knee a lass;
I'd call for liquor of the best
and I'd pay before I go,
And I'd roll my Mary in my arms
in the town of sweet Dungloe.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of an Irish traditional collected in 1913 and published as #75 in Irish Street Ballads, collected and edited by Colm O Lochlainn (A Corinth Book, NY, distributed by Citadel Press, 1960) ....####
This variant arranged by Jury Krytiuk and recorded by John Barr aka "Little" John Cameron from Blantyre, Scotland and Torbay, NL [1943-2002] (Sit Down, Mr Music Man, trk#5, ©1967, Cynda Records, A Division of Boot Records, Toronto, ON, distributed by London Records of Canada, Ltd - Note the album jacket titled this song Mary From Dunloe).

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From Wikipedia:
Dungloe or Dunglow - town in County Donegal, IE. The river at the bottom of the town could only be crossed years ago over a grey granite slab lying in the riverbed, hence the Irish name of the town, An Clochán Liath, which means the grey stepping-stone. The bridge was built in 1762. The town attracts many tourists every August when the Mary From Dungloe International Festival takes place. It was founded in the 1960s and it has been frequented by many special guests over the years. The picturesque Dungloe Bay and surrounding hills have proved very popular with visitors. There is also a festival dedicated to the socialist writer Peadar O'Donnell each autumn. A little to the north of the town is the site of the ancient church of Templecrone.


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