I'll Hang My Harp (Pamela Morgan)

I'll hang my harp on a willow tree,
I'm off to the war again;
My peaceful home holds no charms for me,
Nor the battle field no pain.

The lady I love she will soon be a bride,
With a diadem on her brow;
O, why did she flatter my boyish pride,
She's going to leave me now.

She took me away from my warlike lord,
She gave me a silken suit;
I thought no more of my master's sword,
But played with my lady's lute.

She seemed to think me a boy above,
Her pages of low degree;
But if I had loved with a boyish love,
It would have been better for me.

I'll hide in my breast every selfish care,
I'll flush my pale cheeks with wine;
And when smiles await the bridal pair,
I'll hasten to give them mine;

I'll laugh and I'll sing though my heart may bleed,
I'll walk in the festive train;
And if I survive it, I'll mount my steed,
And off to the war again.

One golden tress of her hair I'll twine
In my helmet's sable plume;,
Then on the fields of Palestine
I'll seek an early doom.

And if by the Saracen's hand I fall
'Midst the noble and the brave,
A tear from the lady I love is all
I'll ask for a warrior's grave.

####.... English poet-dramatist Thomas Haynes Bayly [1797-1839], arranged by Wellington Guernsey [1817-1885], published as I'll Hang My Harp On A Willow Tree and sold wholesale and retail at Johnson's Central Card and Job Printing Office, No. 5 North Tenth Street, Philadelphia, 1855. Variant of an American broadside ballad published as I'll Hang My Harp On A Willow Tree, without a date by H De Marsan, 54 Chatham Street, New York, NY, and archived at the Library of Congress, digital ID as201530, and sheet music printed in Philadelphia c.1846 and Louisville, Kentucky, c.1849. Also sheet music printed in London c.1850 by W Paxton at 19 Oxford Street, W ....####
This variant was recorded by Pamela Morgan of Grand Falls, NL, on her third solo album (Ancestral Songs, trk#9, ©2006 Pamela Morgan Publishing, a division of Amber Music, Topsail, NL).

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