I Once Loved A Beautiful Lady (MacEdward Leach)
Why There's A Tear in My Eye (An Old Man's Story)

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You asked me to tell you a story,
A story of days that are gone;
When life was as gay as a flower,
One kissed by the sunbeams of dawn.

I once loved a beautiful lady,
As gay as the blue sky above;
Each night as we rambled together,
The moon seemed to shine on our love.

We promised that we would be faithful,
That nothing would get us apart;
It was little we thought on the future,
Leaving only a sad broken heart.

One night as we rambled together,
We quarrelled as sweethearts might do;
I learnt what it was to be jealous,
And l told her her love was untrue.

We kissed, we shook hands, and we parted,
I went back to make her my bride;
It was there in the door stood her father,
He told me my sweetheart had died.

I went in, l knelt down beside her,
As she lay in the midst of her bloom;
I prayed that my maker might take me,
And send my soul down to its doom.

I wonder will l be forgiven,
When l meet my maker someday;
I wonder will I see my darling,
In that bright happy land far away?

So now I have told you the reason,
Why the tear in my eye never dries;
For all those long years l have lingered,
Just awaiting my time for to die.

####.... Variant of Carson Jay Robison's Why There's A Tear in My Eye (An Old Man's Story) 1928 ....####
From Wikipedia:
Carson Jay Robison - [1890-1957] American country music singer and songwriter, born in Oswego, KS, who played a major role in promoting country music in its early years through numerous recordings and radio appearances.

This variant was collected in 1951 from John (Jack) C Molloy [1864-1955] of St Shott's, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).

Popularized as Why There's A Tear In My Eye by the bluegrass singing of the Carter Family (Carter Family On Border Radio, 1938-1941). Also recorded by Jimmie Rodgers (My Time Ain't Long, RCA, 1964; My Old Pal, ASV, 1989).


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