Popcorn Puddin' (The Moonshiners)

I'll tell you a story if you lend me an ear,
It's one of the greatest that you'll ever hear;
My wife worked the night shift last Saturday night,
And when I got home I was feelin' half tight.

Now, on Sunday morning when I got out of bed,
The whiskey I drank was still hurtin' my head;
The old coo-coo clock said it was nine o'clock,
So I went to the cupboard, took out the old pot.

Put the roast in the oven, salt meat in the pot,
I went to the drawer for the old puddin' cloth;
I tied up the string and with not much to do,
I sat down to listen to This One's For You.

A little while later I heard a loud roar,
So I jumped to me feet and I ran for the door;
I called to me wife for to get out of bed,
If you don't get up now you will surely be dead.

She came down the stairs, she was white as a sheet,
In only her nightdress and her naked feet;
With a hole in the roof where the pot went up through,
She said, "Oh, my goodness! Oh, what did you do?"

I was cookin' some dinner for us, me old girl,
Salt meat and pease puddin', it's the best in the world;
I was takin' it easy and havin' a beer,
When the puddin' bag burst, what a mess everywhere.

She started a laugh that brought tears to her eyes,
Oh, what are you laughing at now, girl? says I;
"Sure the like was not seen since the day I was born,
Instead of the spilt peas you cooked the popcorn."

Now,all you good sailors who sail the salt sea,
If you're goin' out drinkin' take a warning from me:
If you're cookin' dinner on next Sunday morn,
Make sure your pease puddin's not made from popcorn.

####.... Charlie Reardon of St Anthony NL ....####
Collected by Brandon Reardon of the 2004 Folk Literature class at Harriet Curtis Collegiate in St Anthony, NL.

Recorded by The Moonshiners of Goose Cove, St Anthony, NL (Our Newfoundland Breed, trk#6, 1989 Cassette, Independent, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

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Pease pudding may be a baked vegetable product, which mainly consists of split, yellow or Carlin peas, water, salt and spices; or a puree of cooked, dried peas which is made into puddings, boiled and traditionally served with pork; or a pudding made with strained split peas mixed with egg.

From Wikipedia:
This One's For You - the longest-running radio show broadcast every Sunday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on CFCB - 570 AM radio in Corner Brook, NL.


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