The Salmon Fishery (Phillip Sexton)

Come all ye jolly people
and listen to my song,
It's only a few verses,
it won't delay you long;
Concerning our fishery,
on the island of Newfoundland,
To see the way we're treated,
it's hard to understand.

They want our salmon license
and likewise our gear,
To take our salmon licenses,
it don't seem very fair;
We used to make some money
for to buy food and twine,
But now we got to stay ashore
and sit on our behind.

They have given our cod fish
to foreign countries,
We can't sell our capelin,
except to the Japanese;
They're too small and full of red feed
and very hard to sell,
But we should tell the Japanese
that they can go to hell.

The closure of our salmon fishery,
you can blame on Humphrey,
It would really turn your stomach
to see him on TV;
Someone should take a salmon
and shove it down his throat,
And give him a good bath,
wrapped in his overcoat.

There is nothing left for us to do
but to stay on shore,
They have given our salmon
to the anglers and to Labrador;
They did not even stop to think,
it's very plain to see,
That it's all blamed
on the commercial fishery.

So, come all you jolly fisherman
wherever you may be,
I know we will miss
our salmon fishery;
We may not get one to eat,
we haven't got any twine,
But probably we will get one
if Fisheries they don't mind.

To get one in our cod trap,
we will have to throw away,
But that is the silliest thing
that ever you did see;
We may have to hook one,
it's the only chance we got,
But we don't give a damn
if we can get one for the pot.

####.... Phillip Sexton of Goose Cove, NL ....####

Collected by Ryan Pittman of the 2004 Folk Literature class at Harriot Curtis Collegiate in St Anthony, NL.


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