McCarthy (MacEdward Leach)

Come all ye young fellows belong to our harbour,
Come join in this song as I bring it in rhyme;
Concerning McCarthy, likewise William Toole,
Who lost their ten dollars for going to a time.

'Twas on Patrick's night, quite well I remember,
They went to the hall to join in the fun;
And then they sat down to play a game of cards,
They had three drinks of moonshine and two drinks of rum.

When the game it was over they went to the dance hall,
And then they got out in a merry old state;
McCarthy said, "Come, Toole, and we will step on her."
And up jumps poor Dickie and stuck in his prate.

Costello got angry and grabbed John McCarthy,
The crowd they all laughed and started to shout;
And Toole interfered and got into trouble,
And the saying they all had was: "You can't put him out."

His woman jumped up that night in the dance hall,
The crowd they all laughed and started to shout;
When she grabbed McCarthy to help out poor Dickie,
She said they hadn't got the guts to put him out.

When the concert was over and everything quietened,
McCarthy and Costello reddened up to the ears;
If Dickie had to satisfy his dirty temper,
He'd have John McCarthy threw over the stairs.

About two months after, the boys started laughing,
When Dickie went around having his bit of sport,
Passing the people a small piece of paper,
And on it a summons for Ferryland court.

Costello hired Kenney to drive down his witness,
To drive down his witness these words I will say:
When the crowd they all saw that he acted so dirty,
They all got together and hired O'Dea.

And when they arrived there the court it was started,
They pitied poor Dickie for being such a fool,
To think that he could beat John McCarthy,
And he'd get his mouth broke if he'll challenge Bill Toole.

They all gave their statement and favoured McCarthy,
They knew he was right and that Dickie was wrong;
And as for the women, I'm sure they enjoyed it,
But they'll enjoy it more when they hear this old song.

It was a hard time according to Costello,
The like never happened before in our town;
It was the worst racket of Dickie's experience,
As for ploughing the ocean and knocking around.

I think it is time now to end up these verses,
Keep clear of the policemen and also the courts;
For you know we have something big to our credit,
We have the best policeman that's in the whole force.

And now in conclusion, when Dickie is leaving,
I hope he'll be happy the rest of his life;
And when he gives up the belt and the billy,
I hope he will give them to his loving wife.

####.... Author unknown. Traditional Newfoundland song ....####

Collected in 1951 from John Connors [1890-1971] of Placentia, NL, and published in MacEdward Leach And The Songs Of Atlantic Canada © 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).


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