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We were young when we started out,
Lived our lives like we dreamed about;
Day by day we faced anew,
Year by year we saw it through;
We took on life like I knew we could,
Together, Lana... Together, Lana.

The beds of roses were not always there,
The road of life was not always fair;
Sometimes it's easy to turn away,
Forget the troubles of the day;
We faced it all the two of us,
Together, Lana... Together, Lana.

The kids are gone now and on their own,
To live their lives like we have shown;
I guess it's time we start anew,
And dream new dreams and live them through;
The love we shared has brought us here,
Together, Lana... Together, Lana.

####.... Jim Carroll of Siochána ....####

Recorded by Siochána (Title song of their album Siochána On Our Own - Live At Bridie Molloy's, St John's, NL, 2005).
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