On A Christmas Eve Night (Double-Minor)

It's a cold winter's evening, and I'm just about froze,
Got the furnace on bust, but I can't feel me nose;
It's snowin' and blowin', I don't feel quite right,
I'm alone here again on a Christmas Eve night.

I remember the old times when we all would dress up,
And knock on the doors to refill our cup;
Mummers we called it, some say that ain't right,
But us janneys went out on a Christmas Eve night.

We had lots of laughs and we drank lots of beer,
We felt it our duty to spread Christmas cheer;
Now I sit in my fifties, as I smile with delight,
Reminiscing on memories of a Christmas Eve night.

####.... David Tapp and Ches Ruth of Double-Minor, ©2006. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded on Double-Minor's debut CD for the Cape Ray, NL, Come Home Year 2007.

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Janneys; also Jannies - elaborately costumed persons who participate in various group activities at Christmas; fool, mummer.
Mummers - elaborately costumed and disguised persons who participate in various group activities at Christmas.


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