In Newfoundland (Double-Minor)

I sit and wait for my boarding call,
The time moves slowly by;
I take a moment to reflect upon
The highlights of my life:
Going to school with my little bro,
And walking hand-in-hand;
Now I think about how I wish he
Was home in Newfoundland.

For Nan, I used to get her water
For her to take her pills,
In a time where I was a little boy
And never worried about the bills.
Recording songs off the radio,
For a very special Nan;
What I wouldn't give to see her again
Right here in Newfoundland.

It doesn't seem that long ago,
As I wait here in Deer Lake,
Thinking of the times we had,
And how I couldn't wait
To grow up big and do the things
That my older cousins did;
But now I am just very glad
My home's in Newfoundland.

Now I sit here and look at my girls,
I wonder where they'll be
Twenty years down the road;
Will they be around with me,
Stayin' at home with their Mom and Dad,
Or moving away for work?

####.... David Tapp and Ches Ruth of Double-Minor, ©2006, all rights reserved ....####

From Double-Minor's debut CD for the Cape Ray, NL, Come Home Year 2007.

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