Jimmy's Last Christmas (Little John Cameron)

The fairy lights are shining bright
upon my Christmas tree,
The gifts are waiting on the floor
for everyone to see;
Balloons and a paper Santa Claus
sparkle in the light,
To fill his little heart with joy
upon this Christmas night.

Down the street a little boy
dances in the snow,
His tiny arms are filled with toys,
his cheeks are all aglow;
He hurries home to tell his dad
of the games and all the fun,
And the funny man with the big red nose
who had gifts for everyone.

Around the corner down the street
the houses stood in sight,
The snowman that his daddy made
cheers the chilly night;
And now he sees his mom and dad
standing up ahead,
They're waiting now to welcome him
and tuck him safe in bed.

Then suddenly from nowhere
comes a car without a light,
The drivers eyes stare out at him,
paralyzed with fright;
Too late he sees the little face
that pleads with him in vain,
For his hands are frozen to the wheel
by the whisky in his brain.

His toys are all forgotten now,
scattered by the blow,
His teddy lies beneath the wheels,
legs crossed in the snow;
All is silent in the street
as the engine stops its roar,
For little Jim on Christmas Eve
won't see Santa Claus no more.

####.... John Barr aka "Little" John Cameron from Blantyre, Scotland and Torbay, NL [1943-2002] ....####
Recorded by the Sons of Erin (Sons Of Erin, ©1970).

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