My Mom And Dad (Double-Minor)

Sitting on our front porch,
watching my kids trim the tree,
In them I know there is
a little piece of me.
As they help their mom with the lights,
I sit and watch the snow;
Before I know it I'm thinking back,
to thirty years ago.

My mama she was very young
and couldn't care for me;
She had to put me in a home
in hope I'd find a family.
Every Christmas I would write
a note to old St. Nick;
But the response it was the same,
a car, a train, and mits that wouldn't fit.

One day when I was eight years old,
I took a pen in hand;
I said, "Santa bring me what you want,
I'm sure I'll understand.
'Cause what I asked for all these years
can't be wrapped up with a bow;
But, Santa, you know what I want
is a mom and dad to love me so."

I finished off that letter
and I folded it carefully,
And placed it under my pillow
where Santa he could see.
When I woke up that next morning,
my request I didn't get;
It was laid there under the tree,
a car, a train, and mits that wouldn't fit.

Just a few days later
came a knock upon the door;
In walked a man and woman
with a puppy on the floor.
They asked me. "Are you Johnny?"
and I was as proud as I could be;
They took me with them on that day,
and we became, a family.

If they say there's no Santa,
I would have to disagree;
As I sit here and watch my kids
decorate the tree.
To share my love in such a way
that I am so glad,
On that day when I was eight years old,
when I found my Mom and Dad.

####.... David Tapp of Double-Minor, ©2006, all rights reserved. From Double Minor's debut CD for the Cape Ray, NL, Come Home Year 2007 ....####

Note: Dave wrote this a couple of years ago when he and Ches Ruth were planning to make a Christmas CD.

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From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Mits - also mitts; knitted woolen gloves with separate sheaths for thumb and forefinger or for thumb alone.


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