The Buck Goat Song (Lehr and Best)

I was digging away at potatoes,
When the nanny goat scenes they did pour;
If there was one there's a thousand,
Oh boys, how I cursed and I swore.

Then out in the middle of the field,
Old billy he started to sway;
And the perfume he had on 'twas rotten,
You could smell it for miles away.

Then I lost all my patience,
And a picket I tore from the fence;
I started to drive out the nannies,
When something hit me in the pants.

The first place that old billy landed me,
I'm sorry I can't name the place;
He knocked me down in the gravel,
And he rubbed his old nose in my face.

His arms they got caught in my sweater,
And then I started to pray;
'Oh God, up in heaven, have mercy,
I'm fighting with no referee.'

Now if you'll excuse my bad language,
I'm trying to keep back the oaths;
I tell you that I'm not religious,
For I lost it out there on the goats.

Now Wilcox he thinks he's a boxer,
Joe Louis he thinks he's just swell;
But they'd all lose their bout in a hurry,
If they had to fight that old bill..

####.... Edmund F Chaffey [1895-1954] of Musgravetown, NL, Bonavista Bay South ....####
Collected by Genevieve Lehr and Anita Best in 1977 from Moses (Uncle Mose) Harris [1911-?] of Lethbridge, Bonavista Bay, NL, and published as #15 in Come And I Will Sing You: A Newfoundland Songbook, pp.26-27, edited by Genevieve Lehr (University of Toronto Press © 1985/2003).

Genevieve Lehr noted that this comical ditty was requested several times when Moses Harris performed at the Good Entertainment Festival, a one-time folk festival held in St John's in 1977. The last time he sang it at the festival, he asked that anyone present in the audience from Musgravetown please pass it along to Edmund Chaffey that he had sung his song.

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Between 1931 and 1938 English boxer Freddie Wilcox (Nelson) fought in 43 matches, with 26 wins, 15 losses, and 2 draws. Between 1934 and 1951 Joseph Louis Barrow [1914-1981], the grandson of slaves and the son of Alabama sharecroppers, best known as Joe Louis and nicknamed The Brown Bomber, was considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions who ever lived. He was praised and loved by millions until the day of his death. He held the title for over eleven years, recording 25 successful defenses of the title before retiring at age 37. In 2003, Ring Magazine rated Joe Louis number one on the list of 100 greatest punchers of all time. In 2005, Louis was named the greatest heavyweight of all time by the International Boxing Research Organization. He participated in 27 heavyweight championship fights, a record which still stands. During his career he had 71 fights with 68 wins and 3 losses.


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