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I stood upon her fields of green
that slope down to the ocean,
And lifted up my eyes
to the heavens high above,
Givin' thanks to God for such
a pure and precious homeland,
This North Atlantic lady that I love.

For in summer she's so pretty
in her dress of green,
And in the fall the many colors
of her gown are seen;
Her robes of white in winter
leave no ifs or buts or maybe,
There's no one like our North Atlantic lady.

She has stood and watched her coastal sons
sail out to make a living,
And some would never come back
to their birthplace anymore;
The signs that told her they had made
their last voyage on the ocean,
Was wreckage washed up on her ageless shore.

She's withstood the march of time
this proud and very lovely lady,
And why she's loved so dearly
isn't hard to understand;
She questions not her children
in their everyday endeavors,
Our North Atlantic lady, Newfoundland.
She's our North Atlantic lady, Newfoundland.

####.... Patrick James (Pat) Maher [1933-2004] of Grand Falls-Windsor, NL ....####
Recorded by Lloyd Snow (Sing Me An Old Country Song, trk#9, 2005, published by L Snow, Blaketown, NL).

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