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I will tell you all a story
'bout an old man that I know,
He got his cabin in an outport
that closed down long ago;
The first day that I met him
it was clear to me,
That he was a hardy sailor
who made his living from the sea.

He signed on board a fishing schooner
when he was just fourteen,
And his thoughts were often crowded
with the things that he had seen;
Now at eighty-three he sits there
caught up in his memories,
And he'll spend his lifetime dreaming
and looking out to sea.

He spent days and days not eating
with no land to be seen,
And I've often heard him say
he would live it all again;
But those days are gone forever
and it can never be,
So he's content to tell his stories
while looking out to sea.

He'll place his elbow on the window
of his little island home,
And just sit there for hours
gazing at the raging foam;
There's a sign nailed to his cabin
for everyone to see,
And it reads:
Cabin Number One Looking Out To Sea.

Now, everyone is welcome
for his stories will be told,
In his home in Random Harbour
just up from Chisel Cove;
So drop by and you'll take pleasure
in his hospitality,
In his little seaside cabin
he is looking out to sea,
In his little seaside cabin
he is looking out to sea.

####.... Lloyd Snow of Blaketown, NL ....####
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