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One day in April
we sailed out the bay,
Heading for St John's
to load her with freight;
A small sailing vessel
that never knew fame,
She hailed out of Chance Cove,
The Bernice by name.

We sailed out of St John's,
the year twenty-nine,
With a breeze in her mainsail
we were making good time;
We were out off Green Island
when the wind came around,
And it seemed for a while
that we all would be drowned.

The storm came down on us,
her anchors came free,
We put her in Bay de Verde
to get out of the sea;
There we dropped off our cargo
of spruce stakes and rails,
At daybreak next morning
we again set her sails.

We went back to St John's,
new anchors to buy,
The weather was perfect
not a cloud in the sky;
And once more we set sail
out over the foam,
Not a care on our minds
as we headed for home.

Our spirits were high,
then the glass it fell through,
We were only a few miles
out off Baccalieu;
And the wind came down on us
just off Puffin Isle,
So we dropped our new anchors
to wait there a while.

The wind came from the northeast
and how it did howl,
We could not get her anchors
they both were afoul;
So we chopped them both clear
to head her for home,
Only to find out her rudder was gone.

The skipper was heartsick
as she leaned to her side,
He said, "Boys make her ready,
we're in for some ride;
We'll get the sails on her
and bring her upright,
And if luck is with us
she'll get through the night."

Now early next morning
how the waters did foam,
But our spirits had lifted,
we were pretty well home;
We thought we would beach her,
there was no way to turn,
And we found a catch anchor
lying there in the stern.

We all felt so grateful
she sailed through the worst,
But the storm she just battled
had not been her first;
So we thank God in heaven
for that fine northeast gale,
To put The Bernice in Chance Cove
with only her sails.

####.... Lloyd Snow of Blaketown, NL ....####
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