Fleur de Lys Song (Kenneth Lewis)

Come all you friends and neighbours,
I pray you'll lend an ear,
My story's about my native home,
the one I love so dear;
My story's about my native home,
a place in Newfoundland,
A place where you can live and love,
where you can be a man.

Well I traveled across this great land of ours,
across the waters blue,
From Newfoundland to BC, boys,
I loved it all quite true;
And there's something about this land of ours,
something that you should see,
As I sit at the point of the harbour
way down of Fleur de Lys.

Well, my great grandfather lost his life,
he lost it to the sea,
But that never stopped my family
from taking care of me;
Yes, I did love my fishin', boys,
way out of Fleur de Lys,
It was good enough for God's great son
and it was good enough for me.

So here's to Conway's Head, boys,
and here's to Silvey's Ground,
And here's to Pigeon Island Point
and here's to the marks they found;
And here's to the jiggin' ground,
where they rowed out young and old,
As I sit at the point of the harbour,
the stories are bein' told.

Yes, I salute those heroes
in this great land of ours,
Yes, I salute those boys from home
who fought in two world wars;
They gave their lives,
they gave their love,
all for this country,
They gave it to my children
so that they might walk free.

Yes, I think I'll go on living
way off Fleur de Lys,
And I think I'll stay and do the things
where my people want to be;
And when I die and go to sea,
that's where I know I'll rest,
And I'll pray to God He will send me home,
To the place that I love the best,
To the place that I love the best.

####.... Original Newfoundland song by Kenneth Lewis of Fleur de Lys, NL ....####


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