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I have come back to Newfoundland,
So glad to be in Newfoundland;
I've been away, been a travelling man,
But now I'm back in Newfoundland.

This rugged island out on the sea,
Her shining light that beckoned me,
It is my home, my destiny,
My Newfoundland was calling me.

But things have changed, I am afraid,
Our fishermen have been betrayed;
The life they've known and so well knew,
Has ceased to be, what will they do?

These fishermen who fought the sea,
Five hundred years through history,
Their sons stood tall and brave and free,
They gave us pride, identity.

We share their grief, we feel the pain,
We'll never see their likes again;
A sword has pierced our island shoal,
And only God can tell the toll.

But we'll go on, we will survive,
Our noble spirit is still alive;
Though hearts are wounded, our spirit stands,
We'll carry on for Newfoundland.

This land I love, so beautiful,
The people strong, so wonderful;
It's in this place I'll make my stand,
To live and die in Newfoundland.
It's in this place I'll make my stand,
To live and die in Newfoundland.

####.... Mickey Michael of Torbay, NL ....####
Recorded by Mickey Michael as the title track (My Newfoundland, trk#1, 1994, C The Sea, Torbay, NL).

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