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Old St John's by the sea,
Brings me back through memory;
Where my heart longs to be,
In that old harbour town by the sea.
In old St John's in my childhood days,
Life was a joy in so many ways,
And I still recall how life used to be,
In old St John's by the sea.

Winter snow, summer rain,
And the sun through the old window pane,
And the sounds that I hear,
Come to me on the soft summer air.
Where the stars so clear shine on pairs everywhere,
And the sweet bird song fills the morning air,
Where the winds blow long and the soul is free,
In old St John's by the sea.

This place of clear blue water,
Where all the air is sweet,
Where wise men come to ponder,
It's a place where lovers meet.

Old St John's set up high,
On an autumn day with a song in my heart,
Looking out on the sea,
There forever in my memory.
In old St John's where I want to be,
In Newfoundland for eternity,
Where my heart is strong, back where it belongs,
In old St John's by the sea.

O, how I love you. O, how I love you,
My old St John's. My old St John's.

####.... Mickey Michael of Torbay, NL ....####
Recorded by Mickey Michael (My Newfoundland, trk#5, 1994, C The Sea, Torbay, NL).

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