Our Lady Newfoundland (Ben Weatherby) video
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For a woman of your years,
Who's known heartaches and her tears,
You're beauty in the eyes of any man;
But this year belongs to you,
'Cause you brought your people through,
A time of hardship building this great land.

From winding trails across this land,
To a highway known as Can,
On the the shores of Port Aux Basque
to old St John's;
And your parks along the way,
Lend a pleasant place to stay,
In a country where you see a golden dawn.

You hold your head up high,
In a clear and healthy sky,
Pollution is a word you've never known;
Some say you're way behind,
That you're the slowest kind,
But you laugh and wrap
your arms around your home.

So here's to you, our lovely maid,
Let them think they have it made,
Through the ages I know you'll always stand;
You'll always have a song to sing,
As your children's voices ring,
In harmony to you, O Newfoundland.
In harmony to you, O Newfoundland.

####.... Ben Weatherby [1936-2011] (Our Lady Newfoundland, 1974 LP, trk#5, Marathon Music, Inc, Toronto, ON); and (Snow White Dove, 1990 CD, trk#6, Heritage Music, Scarborough, ON); and (Here's To The Women Of Newfoundland, 2000, trk#3, Heritage Music, Toronto, ON) ....####
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The video above features a variant by Lloyd Gosse of Whitbourne, NL.


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