The Long Way Home (Rawlins Cross)
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©2008 ~ Used with permission ~

Stolen moments and stolen glances,
Bitter memories and true romances;
You paid your dues, you can take your chances,
On the long way home tonight.

Restless hearts and sneaky feelings,
Poison darts and truthful dealings;
And my, how the past can be so revealing,
It's a long way home alright.

Life's an open book, the turning pages,
Speak of ancient lies, the truth of ages,
The open doors and the self-built cages,
Of the winners and the losers,
The sinners and the sages.

There's hungry sharks anticipating,
Easy marks and ruthless trading;
And who knows what might be out there waiting,
On the long way home tonight?

Deep despair or a sense of wonder,
Riding high or going under,
The human heart and its hidden dangers,
The givers and the takers,
The lovers and the strangers.

Read the news, believe it or not,
Sometimes an opinion may be all you got;
Love may be gone but it's not forgotten,
On the long way home tonight.

A ship of dreams on a sea of plastic,
The fiery depths and the light fantastic;
Another telling of an old, old story,
A question of freedom and a rumour of glory.

####.... Geoff Panting of Rawlins Cross. Performing rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

Recorded by Rawlins Cross of St John's, NL (Living River, 1996; Anthology, 2008).

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