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My ship lies in the harbour,
the full moon shining o'er,
A salty breeze blows in the bay,
I hear the combers roar;
Tomorrow I am bound away,
far from this land so poor,
To start a new life far away
from my misty morning shore.

To leave my dear old mother
will break her heart for sure,
Likewise my agèd father
I'll never see no more;
But to leave my dear old Ireland
it grieves me ten times o'er,
Tomorrow I must sail away
from my misty morning shore.

Fare thee well, dear Ireland,
it's westward I must go,
But when I reach Amerikay,
there's one thing that I know:
That when the full moon is rising
up in the east once more,
I know it's also shining
on my misty morning shore.

It's been five years, dear Mother,
since first I sailed away,
I heard a famine took its toll
the new arrivals say;
But in this land of plenty
I'll live forevermore,
My heart's crossed the ocean
on my misty morning shore.

It's been nine years, dear Mother,
I've taken me a wife,
I've built a home for me and her
down by the waterside;
She's given me a daughter,
sweet Erin is her name,
I named her for my country
and claimed her for its fame.

But I long for you, dear Ireland,
I will until I die,
But when my life is over,
it's here that I must lie;
Down here by the ocean where
my family can watch o'er,
The full moon shining down on me
and my misty morning shore.

####.... Irish Descendants ....####
Arranged and recorded by the Irish Descendants (Misty Morning Shore, trk#18, 1991, produced by Gary O'Driscoll and recorded at First City Studios, St John's, NL).

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From the American Meteorological Society Glossary:
Comber - large wave that rolls over or breaks on a beach, reef, etc.


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