Our Day (Randy Downey) video
#467: YouTube video by NLTreasure
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My lonely days are over,
My nights alone are through;
The long road I have traveled,
Has brought me here to you.

Once I used to question,
What my life's about;
You came to my rescue,
And washed away my doubt.

I've lived my life a drifter,
A solitary soul,
Never feeling quite complete,
Until you made me whole.

Some will search forever,
And still may never find,
The joy that honest love can bring,
A love like yours and mine.

You and I will live our lives,
Hand in hand and side by side.

The world is filled with wonder,
And beauty from above;
Of all the gifts the good Lord gives,
The greatest one is love.

I've searched so long to find a heart,
Like yours so warm and true;
You ask me if I love you,
Today I'll say I do.

####.... Randy Downey ....####

In the video above Randy Downey is accompanied by Ruth Riemer.

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