The Southern Shore Queen (Omar Blondahl) video

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As I sit in my seat by the window,
And the rain he comes pouring in drops,
I will gather my mind on the future,
And I hope it will please you a lot.

It's concerning the harbour Cape Broyle,
Where there's beauty so plain to be seen,
And the name that we've got for her chosen,
We will call her the Southern Shore Queen.

Now, Cape Broyle I suppose you all know her,
Runs four watery miles into land,
And she's said to be one pleasant harbour,
And the safest for ships to load sand.

And then when the night casts its shadow,
In the harbour they quickly will sail,
Saying Cape Broyle she be good for a fortnight,
And to get with the girls we don't fail.

My opinion is lost on young people,
That draw such a crowd to our bay,
And whenever they happen to come here,
It's no less than two weeks they will stay.

Now, when we get advanced in our sixties,
We will talk of the day we passed o'er,
Where we sat on the rocks by the roadside,
Watching sailors row into the shore.

Now, Cape Broyle she is famed for her beauty,
It's southeast and nor'west by the shore,
And for fear my ol' pen gets contrary,
I'll just ring out and say nothing more.

####.... Gertrude Carew Cahill ....####
Recorded by Omar Blondahl (A Visit To Newfoundland with Omar Blondahl, 1958 LP, trk#3, Rodeo International, Mount Albert, ON; and Once Again For Newfoundland, 1967 LP, trk#13, Melbourne AMLP 4007)

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A variant was arranged and recorded by The Punters (Songs For A Sunday Morning, 2006, trk#7, Avondale Music, St John's, NL, produced by Alan Doyle and recorded by Scott Hammond at Great Big Studio).

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