Santa's Autograph (Paul Pearcey)

One Christmas Eve I sat up late,
hoping for the chance,
To catch a glimpse of Santa Claus
and hear the reindeer prance;
I would prove to everyone
he really does exist,
'Cause I would get his autograph
on this year's Christmas list.

On Christmas Eve it's customary
for the family to retire
Quite early since the house gets cold
in the absence of a fire;
The grate was cold,
we didn't want Santa to get burned,
He comes down the chimney,
at least that's what I learned.

I know 'twas well past midnight,
I heard the clock chime twice,
I guess I must have dozed off,
I was wakened by a voice;
Before me in a tattered coat
and old grey hat to match,
Was a jolly old man, sayin',
Ho, Ho, Ho, whose name I didn't catch.

"I'm very pleased to meet you,"
he said with a grin,
"I don't often meet the clientele
when I come in."
I rubbed my eyes and stared at him
and asked him who he was,
He smiled and his eyes twinkled,
"Why me, I'm Santa Claus!"

Now I wasn't 'bout to fall
for anybody's trick,
Anyone could see he wasn't
dressed like old Saint Nick;
"No," he said, "I'm not in red
and you might think it queer,
My suit's home with my sleigh
and all of my reindeer.

These days it's hard to get around
unnoticed by the crowd,
So I dress more in simple clothes
that are not quite as loud;
I used to wear that suit
but people always stopped and stared,
Now my only trademark is
my age-old, long, white beard.

Then he reached into his sack,
placed gifts beneath the tree,
Once he looked up from his work
to give a wink at me;
Then I showed the list to Santa,
asking for his autograph,
"Proof," I said, "that you were here,"
and I heard him softly laugh.

From inside his coat he took a pen
and I watched him slowly write:
Santa Claus was here....
Merry Christmas, Paul.... Goodnight!
I woke next day, the words were gone,
so what else could I think:
Santa wrote his autograph
with disappearing ink!

If I ever chance to see
Santa Claus again,
I'll be sure his autograph
is written with my pen;
How could I ever hope to prove
he really does exist,
When Santa used a magic pen
to sign my Christmas list?

####.... Paul Pearcey of Mount Pearl, NL. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Paul Piercey (Paul Pearcey: Up Close, trk#12, 2000)

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