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#415: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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Early on one winter's morning,
I took the road to Islandbridge;
'Twas there I spied a fair young maiden,
Walking by a greenwood hedge.

Where are you going, my lovely maiden,
On this cold and winter's day?
She said, my friend, I walk with angels,
To guide the stranger on his way.

Gentle maiden, how I love you,
And my heart it breaks in two;
All the stars up in the heavens,
Could never shine as bright as you.

But I am just a lonely traveler,
Lost within a stranger's land;
Where no angels walk beside me,
Where there's none to take my hand.

She said, the road that you must travel,
Is long and weary to your feet;
But you must walk the road before you,
And some day again we'll meet.

And when that day has come upon us,
And the winter winds have died;
On Islandbridge, we'll be together,
And walk with angels side by side.

####.... Johnny McEvoy (Going To California, Dolphin, 2003) ....####
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Islandbridge (Island Bridge) is a road bridge which spans the River Liffy in Dublin, Ireland. It is the site of the Irish National War Memorial Gardens. The bridge and the surrounding area are called Islandbridge because of the island formed at the junction of the Camac and Liffy rivers.

The video below features an excellent cover performance by Robert Churchill.

#1906: YouTube video by unclebobchurchill
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