I Wish I'd Stayed Around (Paul Pearcey)

It's been some time since I've been
to see the folks at home,
I've led a one-way wayward life
since I started out alone;
I said goodbye to rocks and crags,
there were better things for me,
Now I long to hear again
the pounding of the sea.

I long for to be seated 'round
the old pot-bellied stove,
To hear again the yarns were spun
'bout old times in the cove;
I long for to be jigging
with Phil Corbett in the bay,
To see his lovely sisters
on their way to mass to pray.

I long to smell the cool salt air
when clouds race down the sky,
When the nets are spread
and the traps are pulled
and the dories high and dry;
We'd sit around your table
and play at Forty-Fives,
And whisk away our winter days.
What happened to our lives?

I sometimes see in vision
a land that beckons me,
To get on back to live with her
in that house there by the sea;
But she's long gone and I hear
that house has been torn down,
From way out here this is my song:
I wish I'd stayed around.
From way out here this is my song:
I wish I'd stayed around.

####.... Paul Pearcey of Mount Pearl, NL. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Paul Pearcey (Paul Pearcey: Up Close, trk#3, 2000)

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From John McLeod's Rules Of Card Games:
Forty-Fives - a descendant of the Irish game Spoil Five. It is much played among the Irish population in the New World - especially in Nova Scotia - the most popular version being one with bidding, technically known as Auction Forty-Fives, and also sometimes called One Hundred and Twenty, which is more logical given that 120 is the target score and the number 45 has no relevance to the game.


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