The Ballad Of White Bay Newfoundland
(Joe West)

You've heard lots of stories about
white lightning and mountain dew,
But up here in Newfoundland
they make their own home brew;
Now I'm here to testify
if you haven't tried this stuff,
You don't know what a Newfie means
when he's living it in the rough.

Have you ever been in Newfoundland
when it's forty-five below,
And watched a barechested islander
splittin' wood out in the cold?
It's not that he's a superman,
but he can't catch the flu,
That's because each mornin'
he has a shot of Newfie brew.

I remember when I was a lad,
ma and pa mixed up a batch,
They poured it into bottles
and they stored it way out back;
Ma must have added some extra
and pa must have planked it down,
Everyone thought an earthquake
had hit that little town.

Houses rocked for a country mile,
and windows shattered too,
But when the smoke and dust cleared,
we found it was pa's home brew;
We counted the bottles still intact -
twenty three of them remained,
That meant that only one quart
had made that terrible bang.

Well, pa hooked up the komatik,
the bottles resting in the sleigh,
And took them far, far from home
before the rest of them gave way;
He travelled many miles from home,
and placed them in the woods,
It really hurt his feelings
to leave a batch that good.

Well, pa came home, and later we felt
the blast with all its strength,
We returned to observe a crater
with tremendous depth and length;
And when the tide filled her up,
the view was really grand,
And people come from miles
to gaze at White Bay, Newfoundland.
And people come from miles
to gaze at White Bay, Newfoundland.

####.... Joe West ©2009. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Komatic - long sled, adopted in northern Newfoundland and especially Labrador for winter travel and hauled by dogs or sometimes men; sledge for hauling wood; Eskimo sled; Also comatik, comatick, commeteck, kamutik, kometik, etc.; Labrador Inuit qamutik 'sled'.


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