Canada - The Mighty Queen (Joe Don West) video
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She stands above all others
in beauty to behold,
More precious than a diamond,
brighter than pure gold;
She's proud to give you refuge
in exchange for lots of love,
She's as rugged as her mountains
and peaceful as a dove.

As you look upon her majesty,
she'll take your breath away,
She's the queen of all the nations
and majestic in every way;
Time has bought her excellence,
exceeding our demands,
Her place on earth established
unless she falls by man.

Newfoundland so beautiful,
mighty, and so bold,
Prince Edward Isle our garden,
it lifts the very soul;
Nova Scotia offers everything
one could ever dream,
New Brunswick is a paradise,
without her there's no queen.

Quebec, thank God we've got her,
a crown that sparkles bright,
Ontario the centre piece,
displayed in awesome might;
The plains of Manitoba
help feed the mighty queen,
Saskatchewan the farm belt,
with wealth of fields so green.

Alberta makes one ponder,
what more is there to see,
You watch the mountains touch the sky,
you know you're in BC;
Nunavut and the Yukon
both stand so tall,
The Northwest Territories
beckons with her call.

As these are linked together
by sea and mountain range,
A country proud of what she is,
to no one is she strange;
Envied by all nations,
and to many she's their dream,
To the hearts of all Canadians,
she is our mighty queen.

God bless our home,
God bless our home,
The bright and shining star;
God bless our home,
God bless our home,
We named her Canada;
God bless our home,
God bless our home,
She's our Canada.

####.... Joe West. Performing rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Joe West (Banks Of Newfoundland, trk#7, ©2005).

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