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Here I am out on the highway,
Heading west just like the setting sun;
Leaving home for my first time,
The hardest thing I know I've ever done.

'Cause I turned forty-two on Friday,
And I never thought I'd ever see a day,
When I'd have to pack up all I own,
Take my wife and kids and move away.

I grew up in a small town,
Where everyone depended on the sea;
Fishing was a way of life,
A custom passed down through my family.

That way of life is over,
And gone with it is my only legacy;
And there's nothing left to leave behind,
But stories of the way it used to be.

We can talk about the way it was,
And talk about the way it ought to be;
If you talk about the way it is,
You start to find a reason not to be.

Now I'm looking to the future,
Gotta give my kids a brand new start;
And the time has come to just move on,
'Cause they can't have a future in the past.

And although I tried, I realize,
You just can't have a future in the past.

####.... Lloyd Snow of Blaketown, NL ....####
Recorded by Lloyd Snow (Back To The Country, trk#7, 2000 CD, Lloyd Snow, Blaketown, NL, recorded and mixed at Wildfinger).

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