An Ode To Gander (Lost Souls) Craig Anstey
#793: YouTube video by canstey84
©2009 ~ Used with permission ~

Cruisin' east on a nowhere highway,
The planes fly over in the starry skyway;
We'll bring nothing but some music with us,
Crammed in a car down by Silent Witness.

Windin' down the pothole road,
Where space cadets and degenerates go;
Hear the loon sing its lonesome song,
Gazin' at the moon down by Deadman's Pond.

Lost souls with nowhere to go,
Can't seem to breach the borders of this town;
Fast or slow where time goes,
I don't know and I don't care anyhow.

Rollin' west past the radio tower,
The rain pourin' down a torrential shower;
We won't be home till the morning hours,
The little harbour's gone, I can't see the water.

Circle 'round the cemetery path,
Park for a while somewhere 'round back;
Sharin' stories, some true, most tale,
Passed down from our kin and from where they hail.

Lost souls with nowhere to go,
Can't seem to breach the borders of this town;
Fast or slow where time goes,
I don't know and I don't care anyhow.

Numb - Why do I feel this way?
Come, whisper to me and say,
Everything, everything I want to hear,
Don't lie to me, don't lie to me, my dear.

Dropped off the rest and we're Layland bound,
The coast is clear, no other cars around;
Make it quick, it's a sleepless town,
And if we get caught we'll never live it down.

The sun snuffed the moon and stole the show,
So it's about time that I took ya home;
Whaddya wanna do tomorrow?
We'll be here again to get ya at eleven or so.

####.... Craig Anstey of Gander, NL ©2009 ....####
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¹ Silent Witness - memorial park on the site of the worst aviation tragedy on Canadian soil, dedicated to the 256 people killed in a chartered Arrow Air crash 12 December 1985. 248 of the victims were members of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles on their way home for Christmas from a peacekeeping mission on the Sinai Peninsula. The flight originated in Cairo, Egypt, the day before, made one stop in Cologne, Germany, and had just stopped for refueling at the Gander Airport at 5:34 AM. Upon takeoff at 6:45 AM the plane never gained proper altitude and crashed about 900 feet from the end of the runway. The reason for the very sad disaster still remains a mystery. The main piece of the memorial is a sculpture of an American soldier holding the hands of two civilian children, each holding an olive branch. It faces toward the division's home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where there is another matching sculpture facing back to the crash site. The Cross of Sacrifice on the site was crafted from the remains of the emergency door of the plane. The inscription on the vertical member of the cross, Rendezvous With Destiny, is the motto of the 101st Airborne Division.

² Deadman's Pond - original source of drinking water for the town of Gander. During World War II the RAF operated a skating rink and had a recreation area with log cabins at the pond where everyone could go swimming.


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