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Some people think they've got time to kill,
Some people think they've got it goin';
Some people think they've got a way with the will,
Some people got a line worth towin'.
Well, beating all the raps, avoiding all the traps,
Some people got that magic potion;
They've got the way to be, they're making history,
Some people get that big promotion.

Read that headline, pass that test,
Let's bring on our special guest;
In confusion, feelin' vexed,
Learn the password, what comes next?
Uptown! Downtown! Hurry up! Slow down!
Think real quick and win that showdown;
You've been beaten to the punch,
Arrivederci, let's do lunch.
Well, some people, some people,
Some people, some people.

Some people think they've got it all sewn up,
Some people have no cause to doubt it;
Some people claim to know the ways of love,
Some people learn to live without it.

Leave me be.
Don't say no to me.
I'll be free.... mo-men-tar-ily.

Livin' on the need to know,
Up above and down below;
Forward! Backward! Forward! Halt!
Take it with a grain of salt;
Ways and means and plans and schemes,
Livin' out their land of dreams;
Grown accustomed to your station,
Learn to live on information.
Some people, some people,
some people, some people.

Some people think it's gettin' better all the time,
Some people really want to go there;
Some people think there's
nothin' better on your mind,
Some people think you're goin' nowhere.
So there!
Some people, some people,
some people, some people;
Some people, some people,
some people, some people.

####.... Geoff Panting of Rawlins Cross. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

Recorded by Rawlins Cross of St John's, NL (Make It On Time, trk#6, 1998, WEA, Scarborough, Ontario); and (Anthology, trk#17, 2008, Ground Swell Records, Halifax, Nova Scotia).

The video above features a live performance by Rawlins Cross at the 2009 Newfoundland Labrador Folk Festival in Bannerman Park, St John's, NL.

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