Grandma's Old Patch Quilt (E & W Coles) video
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Was it the light from the window,
Or just the contentment she felt?
I didn't know what set her eyes aglow,
As she sat there wrapped in that old quilt.
I watched as she read from her Bible,
While her fingers traced over each seam;
And every once in a while just a hint of a smile,
As if she were living her dreams.

She must have felt I was staring,
For she laid the Good Book by her chair;
Said, I must look a site, tucked in this quilt so tight,
But it's been my good friend all these years.
It was started the day I got married,
With this white piece from my wedding dress;
It was finished the morn that your daddy was born,
And I've had it from that day till this.

Now each night as I kneel by my bedside to pray,
My fingers caress every stitch that I made;
And the soft of the cotton brings my soul relief,
For there's a memory sewn in every piece.
When I tuck myself in I feel surrounded by friends,
Who live in each colorful square;
But this piece from a shirt I lay next to my heart,
He shared my life for sixty-two years.

As her fingers walked over each memory,
Once again down the backroads of time,
Said, I remember so well what each piece has to tell,
As if God wrote it down in my mind.
And she stopped on the piece from his old shirt,
As down her face there trickled a tear;
Said, God love your soul, I'm now ready to go,
I know you're waiting for me over there.

They all came to see her one last time,
An old friend who had brightened their lives;
You could see how they felt
when they saw her old quilt,
Neatly folded and tucked by her side.
When they left I unfolded that old quilt,
And tucked her in with her friend in the dark;
Before I closed the door I went back to make sure,
That piece from his old shirt lay next to her heart.

'Cause each night as she knelt by her bedside to pray,
Her fingers caressed every stitch that she made;
And the soft of the cotton brought her soul relief,
There was a memory sewn in every piece.
And when she tucked herself in
she felt surrounded by friends,
Who lived in each colorful square;
But the piece from his shirt
she laid next to her heart,
He shared her life for sixty-two years

Oh, she still loved him after all of these years.

####.... Wince Coles ....####
Recorded by Ellis & Wince Coles (Harp & Hood, trk#6, 1999, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL). Wince dedicated this song to his mother-in-law, Violet Warren. She gave him the idea for the song but passed away before it was released.

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