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A true story, my friends, I now tell to you,
A strange thing occurred that soon became news:
A statue of Saint Anne
from a window was knocked,
In a driveway below it fell on a rock.

A little girl ran to the statue below,
But when she got there it was broken, and so;
She picked up its head and kissed it so dear,
In the eyes of Saint Anne a tear did appear.

No one understood how the statue could cry,
The whole world was shocked
by the tears in its eyes;
And only a kiss from this little girl,
Caused Saint Anne to cry,
and it startled the world.

It's rain-soaked, I know -
God changed the rain to tears,
This story shall live throughout many years;
How this little girl called both world and man,
To believe in the Lord and the tears of Saint Anne.

####.... Robert Fetters and Harold Potter ....####
This variant arranged and recorded by Dick Nolan (My Beautiful Island, trk#5, 1991, Heritage Music, Scarborough, Ontario); and (My East Coast, trk#7, 2001, Heritage Music, Scarborough, Ontario).

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Note: According to BMI, a song with a similar title, Tears of St Ann is credited to Jimmy Osborne who recorded it as a single in 1949, and on The Legendary Jimmy Osborne, Volume 2, in 1961.


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