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I wandered in time till I found myself thinking,
Of young children playing at the dawning of spring;
They sang merry songs like
The Wind In The Willows,
T'was then that I found myself back home again.

The days that we spent in the boat with our father,
Too young for to help at a very young age;
Watching with care as they work on the water,
Those memories still linger on warm summer days.

It was oft in the evening with friends in the harbour,
I'd join in a game to pass time away;
Like angels in heaven you'd hear sounds of laughter,
Till night crept upon us to end one more day.

Then on Sunday morning we'd walk to the chapel,
To count up our blessings for all we receive;
And give thanks to the Lord
for good health and well-being,
In return for our fortunes and what we believe.

And when we'd return we'd join in a session,
And enjoy all the tunes and songs that we share;
Then our mother would call us
to move to the kitchen,
To eat at the table that she had prepared.

The scenes of my childhood I'll always remember,
Those memories still linger and fill me with joy;
Those days are long gone
but they'll ne'er be forgotten,
By friends and companions of days long gone by.

####.... D'Arcy Broderick of Bay de Verde, NL ....####

Arranged and recorded by the Irish Descendants (Look To The Sea, trk#4, 1993, WEA, Scarborough, Ontario).

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