Dead Bird In The Garbage (Colleen Power) video
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Walking down Gower Street one Sunday evening,
I saw a little bird at the foot of a building;
He was tryin' to fly but his wings wouldn't let him.
She brought him back to the house
so the cats wouldn't get him.

I held him in my hand and I took him back home,
His tiny heart beating fast against my thumb;
He was stunned and confused
but I thought this would pass.
She put him in a soft cardboard box
with some grass.

I kept an eye on me bird all through the night,
Hoping that he'd come around and take flight;
He wouldn't drink water or eat anything.
He just stood still, head tucked under his wing.

Well, I live downtown and I don't have a backyard,
Diggin' for worms is hard;
I phoned up me brother who was comin' this way.
Could he bring her some night crawlers
from out around the bay?

I put the bird in the box
next to me bed on the floor,
When I drifted off it was quarter past four;
About twenty to nine I opened my eyes.
When she looked in the box,
the bird tipped over on his side.

Lyin' in the grass, head tucked under his wing,
I never got to hear little bird sing;
Not the gig in him, no heartbeat, nothin'.
She should have left him for the cats
and saved him all the sufferin'.

I picked him up gently and I said a little prayer;
Now he's in a Sobeys bag
in the garbage can downstairs.

Dead bird in the garbage. -
Nowhere to bury him.
Wrapped in a Sobeys bag. -
Dead bird in the garbage.
Heavy on her conscience. -
Dead bird in the garbage.
Wrapped in a Sobeys bag. -
Shut up about the Sobey's bag!
Little bird in the garbage. -
Dead bird in the garbage.
Nowhere to bury him. -
Dead bird in the garbage.
I got no back yard.

####.... © Colleen Power of Freshwater, Placentia Bay, NL. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Colleen Power (Rejects, trk#8, 2008, Bay Girl Music, St John's, NL, produced and recorded by Colleen Power at Bay Girl Music Studio on Brazil Street).

The video above features a music video directed by Roger Maunder and Colleen Power, starring: Wish Crosby - Roger Maunder; Flo Murphy - Colleen Power; Buddy on accordion - Geoff Panting; Brudder Around da Bay - John "Q" Quinton; Downtown homeowner - Jeff Ryan.

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From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Gig - ¹ slight sound; usually after negative. ² slight sign of life; tremor, movement.

From Wikipedia:
Sobeys - second largest food retailer in Canada, with over 1,300 supermarkets operating under a variety of banners. Headquartered in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, it operates stores in all ten provinces and accumulated sales of more than $14 billion CAD in 2009. It is part of the conglomerate Empire Company Limited.


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