Fisherman's Farewell (Jim Pittman) video
#1074: YouTube video by johndrakes
©2007 ~ Used with permission ~

I'm sailing today, love,
for the north fishing grounds,
And while I'm away, love,
keep the home fires sound;
As we lay here together
and our hearts are entwined,
Think of me tomorrow,
let me stay on your mind.

The children are sleeping, love,
lying warm in their beds,
I'll stop and I'll bless them,
kiss their curly heads;
These moments of parting,
to a fisherman like me,
Make me often wonder why
I e'er put to sea.

For the sky it is blue, love,
and so is the sea,
And the birds on their wing, love,
seem lonely like me;
Ah, but soon I'll be with you
in a few days or so,
And to these rough icy waters
no more will I go.

Now your arms are around me, love,
for one more embrace,
I gently caress you,
I kiss your sweet face;
Although I must go now,
take my leave of the shore,
Meet me at the dockside
when I sail home once more.

####.... Jim Pittman (The Singing Cook) of Newfoundland, Ontario, and Nova Scotia [1937-1996], soldier, policeman, poet, songwriter, musician, and founding member of the Lunenberg Folk Harbour Festival and the festival's house band, Starb'ard Side (Starb'ard Side, 1994, Slumgullion / CBC Maritimes) ....####
The video above features a recording of a variant by John Drakes (Our Dad.... The Accordion Man, trk#14).


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