I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget (Harry Hibbs)
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It's been years since you told me you love me,
But at last you have broken your vow;
My head is now bent down with sorrow,
I am tired and lonely just now.

How well I remember the even,
When the sun through the trees it did shine,
When you kissed me and told me you love me,
And forever that you would be mine.

Give me back every fond word was spoken,
Let it be as though we never had met;
And I will return every token,
I'll forgive and I'll try to forget.

Yes, I will return every token,
For the ring and then the lock of your hair,
And a card with your photo upon it,
And your face just as false as it's fair.

Why did you ever deceive me,
When you knew in your heart I was true?
True to you, and you're now going to leave me,
Forever I'm parting with you.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of a traditional Irish parlour song ....####
The earliest recording GEST could find for this song was by the McNulty Family (Decca Records Label #12274, March 25, 1947).

The video above features a recording by Harry Hibbs (More Harry Hibbs At The Caribou, trk#11, 1968, Arc Sound Ltd, Toronto, Ontario; re-mastered and released in 2002 by Unidisc Studios, Montreal, Quebec).

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A variant was recorded by Josie Wilkinson (Newfie Boy, trk#10, 2000, Just Right Recording, Keswick, Ontario).

The video below features a 78 RPM recording of a variant by Mickey and Mary Carton dated April 14, 1949; also recorded on the album: (Little Bits Of Ireland, trk#5, 1956, Decca Records).

#1539: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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