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Oh, do you know the lake they call Lake Melville?
It's the biggest lake we have in Labrador;
And I know the trapper boys are always ready,
To hunt and trap along Lake Melville's shore.

Oh, the moon shines bright tonight
on old Grand River,
On the hillside where
the breath of trappers lay;
Through the snowy bush
the candle lights are burning,
All along the old Grand River to the bay.

And the moon shines bright tonight
on North West River,
And the Northern Lights
are shining out their gleam;
But we hope to make them shinier and brighter,
For this is what we call a trapper's dream.

There's another place that
we just can't forget, boys,
It's our next door neighbour here to us we say;
It's the old Grand Lake and dear Naskaupi River,
As they're flowing out their waters to the bay.

Oh, the boys are glad
they're starting down Grand River,
Where they'll meet up
with the boys from Kenamu;
And I'm sure that there'll be
work for them next summer,
Poling up Gull Island Rapids in canoe.

And we thank the Lord
for sparing all those trappers,
As He's often done so many times before;
And we can't forget to thank Him for His mercy,
For we are the trappers' sons of Labrador.

####.... Stewart Michelin [1894-1987] of North West River, Labrador ....####
Liner note: Uncle Stewart, as he was more commonly known, spent most of his working life as a trapper and fisherman. He was born in North West River and lived there for nearly a century. He wrote this song as a young trapper, and in recent years as Labrador music was brought to the forefront, it became a favourite.

Recorded by Shirley Montague on a compilation album with various artists (Our Labrador, trk#1, ©1993, Butter & Snow Productions, Norris Point, NL, recorded at CBC Radio, St John's, NL, and produced by Glen Tilley and Shirley Montague).

Shirley Montague comes from North West River, Labrador and was making her home in Norris Point, Newfoundland when she recorded this song. In addition to being a songwriter, she has been actively involved in promoting the music in Newfoundland and Labrador for many years. At the time she recorded on the compilation album Our Labrador, she had four albums to her credit, was featured on numerous television and radio shows, and was running her own production company.


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