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Hey, pretty lady, won't you come down here,
Come down here, come down here;
Hey, pretty lady, put up your hair,
And swim in the ocean with me.

Hey, young man, I can't come down there,
Come down there, come down there;
Hey, young man, I'll keep down my hair,
'Cause I'm afraid of the critters in the sea.

With the snails and the eels,
and the sharks and the whales,
I'm gonna stay up here on this grassy hill;
Stay up here on this grassy hill
And let the warm wind blow over me.

Hey, pretty lady, walkin' down the street,
Down the street, down the street;
Hey, pretty lady, with no shoes on your feet,
Won't you come and walk with me.

Hey, young man, in the Chevy van,
Chevy van, Chevy van;
Hey, young man, can't you understand,
That I gotta be home by three.

I gotta be home 'cause there's work to be done,
Supper to make, errands to run;
I gotta be home before the setting sun,
But later you can call on me.

Hey, pretty lady, won't you come out tonight,
Come out tonight, come out tonight;
Hey, pretty lady, is my timing right,
Won't you come and ride with me.

Hey, young man, take me for a ride,
For a ride, for a ride;
Hey, young man, be my tour guide,
But I gotta be home by three.

Goin' down the road with the wind in their face,
Pickin' up pace, like you're goin' to a race;
Toolin' down the road like you're bein' chased,
'Cause she gotta be home by three.
She gotta be home by three.

####.... Bernie Sheaves of Port aux Basques, NL ....####
The video above features a recording by Bernie Sheaves (Haul Her Down In Drive, trk#12, 2004 CD, Independent, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL - To purchase an album, contact Bernie-Marina Sheaves on facebook).

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