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You've all heard the story of the linerboard mill,
Located at Harmon, east of Stephenville;
They all had good jobs and the living was good,
Some worked at the mill
while some others hauled wood.

When the American base said that it had to go,
The town was in bad shape, I guess you all know;
The things that they thought of
I guess was real grand,
But now here comes Joey with his master plan.

He said, Boys, a linerboard mill we must get.
But he never did mention our neighbour Quebec;
He said, Now let's build her on Port Harmon shore,
And our wood we will haul down from old Labrador

We couldn't get pulpwood from our Newfoundland,
'Cause our forest was leased
out to some other man;
The Labrador timber was loaded on board,
Destined for Harmon - seventy-five bucks a cord.

The mill was in full swing for four years or so,
The wages were great, we were rolling in dough;
We had lots of money for food and our beer,
Yet they hired a foreigner - 100,000 a year.

Then came the sad news
that the mill will shut down,
Another bad break for our Stephenville town;
The government said, Boys, we're sorry for this,
There's only one answer, let's go back and fish.
Yes, there's only one answer,
let's go back and fish

####.... Gerald (Gerry) James Formanger [1939-2001] of Stephenville, NL ....####
Recorded by Gerry Formanger (Side By Each, trk#2, 1982, Country Records, Milliken, Ontario, recorded at Comfort Sound by Doug McClement).

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Note: Linerboard is paperboard used for the flat facings that make up corrugated board.

From Wikipedia:
Joseph Roberts "Joey" Smallwood [1900-1991] - main force that brought Newfoundland into Canadian confederation, and first Premier of Newfoundland (1949-1972).

Excerpted from CBC News Interactive:
In 1970, four years after the closing of Ernest Harmon Air Force Base by the United States, Javelin Paper Corporation began constructing a linerboard mill in the town of Stephenville. The deep-water harbour that allowed for year-round shipping and the existing infrastructure were two things that attracted the company. In 1974, commercial production began. Three years later, a number of problems plagued the mill. It was too expensive to transport wood from Labrador and there was little demand for linerboard. After $300 million dollars of government investment, workers were once again left jobless when the mill shut down in 1977.


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