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Each time I go to the bar down on the corner,
I see that same old man a-sittin' there;
He always takes his glass
and comes a-shuffling on over,
Hoping he can talk me into buying him a beer.

He always comes and sits down at my table,
And I can tell he's ready to begin;
Oh, he takes a sip and he wipes his lips,
and as soon as he is able,
He dries his eyes and tells me
that same story once again.

Mister, did I tell you about my Lisa,
How I lost her forty years ago?
If I ever saw her now I wouldn't even know her,
I still love my darling Lisa so.

I can't tell you, son, how I adored her,
Cared for her like you would not believe;
Oh, I can't recall the names
of all the places that I showed her,
Bought her things she didn't even need.

But I still remember just how much I loved her,
To me she was the sweetest thing alive;
But that old judge, in his wisdom,
told me I couldn't keep her,
They took her away from me
when she was only five.

Mister, did I tell you about my Lisa,
How her mom and I became divorced?
Oh, that woman lied and said
I wasn't fit to be a father,
And Lisa doesn't know me anymore.

Mister, did I tell you about my Lisa?

####.... Ellis & Wince Coles ....####

Recorded by Wince & Ellis Coles (Laughter And Tears / Ellis & Wince Coles, trk#4, 1996, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL, published by Wince Coles, Topsail, NL).

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