Our Own North Country (Labrador Black Spruce)
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I've stood on a mountain north of Sandwich Bay,
And saw shadows lengthen at the close of the day;
With twilight fast fading 'twas time to move along,
But in wonder I watched till the red sun had gone.

The view there beneath me no artist could paint,
His eyes would go dim and his heart would go faint;
If he knew the clear secrets our coastline could tell,
But the Labrador Sea hides its secrets so well.

For long miles uncounted on to infinity,
From the north and the south from the Labrador Sea;
And never forgotten since long before today,
The long curving beaches around Trunmore Bay.

To the westward the Mealies in their beauty do stand,
Stand stately majestic in a wild rugged land;
Each peak in the sunlight stands out row on row,
While darkened in shadow by the valleys below.

Unspoiled are the rivers flowing down to valleys there,
The eagle, the dove, and the little white bear;
To the southward the river most dear to our eyes,
Deep and swift flowing is our own Paradise.

On the Labrador coastline our people lived free,
But their way of life is fast fading away;
Their living and freedom are dying out there,
And they're almost forgotten with no one to care.

For silver and gold men roam near and far,
And value their diamonds more dear than a star;
While a few are content from a mountain to see,
Many thousands of miles of our own north country.

And I am content from this mountain to see,
Many thousands of miles of my own north country.

####.... Lesley Pardy & Willie Arsenault ....####

Recorded by Labrador Black Spruce [1989-1999] (Ashuanipi Wish, trk#9, 1995, Black Spruce Music, Labrador City, Labrador, produced by Nando Speranza).

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Note: The Mealy Mountains (Mealies) are the highest mountains in southern Labrador, reaching heights of over 1200 metres (3,937 feet).

From Our Labrador ... Yours To Explore:
Paradise - river which flows into Sandwich Bay at its southern extremity and provided an important route between the coast and the Labrador interior for native peoples prior to European settlement. The town of Paradise River was established in 1775 by George Cartwright and was originally recognized as the hub of Sandwich Bay. The people of Paradise River were involved in the cod and salmon fishery in the summer months and fur trapping and hunting in the winter. Today, Paradise River is known as a very scenic community with an abundance of wildlife, fish, and forestry potential.


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